Transform to Thrive


We drive transformation projects to increase companies’ performance with regards to profitability, quality, time to market and to sustain their customers’ satisfaction


Our customers are at the key managing board levels of industrial companies from middle size to world wide groups.

We get involved when…

The scale of the company activity is changing

Turnaround is growing

Acquiring new customers

Developing new products

Complexity of products is rising

More product diversity

Employee number is increasing

Pluridisciplinary and multicultural stakeholders

Organization is changing

Digital transformation

New site building

Project risk level is getting higher

The company is facing an unforeseen change

Health crisis (COVID19)

Economic crisis (2008)

Regulation constraint (environemental)

Change of work mode – remote work

Moving the location of activity

Customer demand is dropping

Break of supply chain

Project scope is changing

Delay of deliverables

Quality issues

Increasing costs

Unavailability of resources

Failure of suppliers

We act upon…

The different levels of the organization…

Top management-executive committee

Organizational structure

Operational and functional management

Human Resources

Value creation chain

Risk management

Customer relationship management

Supplier relationship management



Project portfolio management

Business development projects

Projects of product engineering and industrialization

Transformation projects

Projects of optimization (productivity, quality, lead time)

Projects of localization




Do not hesitate to tell us more about your needs. We will get in touch with you to assess the best solutions to your case.

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